Steel Wolf take a bite out of the Street Food Industry

street food chef packaging front

Steel Wolf take a bite out of the Street Food Industry

Steel Wolf take a bite out of the Street Food Industry

When dynamic street food company ‘Street Food Chef’ approached Steel Wolf to design some new packaging they provided a fairly challenging brief, ‘Say everything without putting too much on the packet!’ commented the Street Food MD.


Hmmm… well what are we communicating? – ‘ Straight to the point, nothing bad added takeaway food with a vibrant feel! ‘. No small feat minimum design impact but maximum exposure then. What we commissioned was a box that could withstand impact, was easy to use within a busy working environment but still looked and felt impressive to the touch.


On top of this we incorporated the already impressive Street Food Chef logo as a major feature of the box and used colour blocking to create a contrast, lively yellow and red feel that represents the spices used within the cooking and also the vibrant atmosphere of the company.


Only minimal text was used from contact information , important social media connections via facebook and because the box was specially sourced we could claim 100% recyclable materials used,  something close to the ethos of the company and could run alongside their bio-oil facts ( all of the Street Food Chef oil used in food production can turned into bio-diesel fuel!!) .


Another brief conquered by the Steel Wolf team, we are experts in all forms of packaging whether that be retail, commercial or even industrial where legal considerations must be taken into account. Why not come and have a chat with us and see how we can help solve your packaging issues.


Take a look below at the Street Food Chef packaging I think you’ll agree it’s pretty eye-catching while at the same time getting the job done successfully !

street food chef packaging rear

street food chef box