Packaging Design Can Inspire The World

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Packaging Design Can Inspire The World

Ever wondered why packaging is so amazing ? Why women can’t wait to post an instagram pic of the latest product they’ve purchased in it’s beautiful packaging? Why are we almost more interested in receiving the box than we are the product within  it ? The answer jeeves is marketing!


Every product type has a different packaging design concept luxury products may be minamilistic and use darker colours, they may have within them felt and chrome fasteners to exude the quality they are about to receive within. Toy packaging may have a more fun outlook with brighter colours and simplistic illustrations and gimmicks to showcase that you are already having fun before you’ve even opened the lid.


Learn more about what packaging is, where it sits in our consciousness and how big brands like Starbucks, Finish and others use packaging to set you on a brand journey before you’ve even clapped eyes on the actual product, check out our blog infographic on packaging by clicking the link below..


If you need a packaging design and don’t know where to turn contact us at Steel Wolf Marketing for expert advise and guidance.